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What Is Community Advertising

Community advertising is more about connecting and engaging with people to build long-term relationships. It’s about getting involved in your community and about conversations and making your customers or potential customers feel recognized, heard, and important. It’s advertising with the power of your community.

This approach is unlike traditional advertising marketing that is solely focused on getting new customers simply by forcing your  product down their throats. Community Advertising is more about getting to know your customers and they you.

Community marketing bridges the gap between your company’s direction with the very people who are supporting your business; your customers. People are more likely to support a product or service if it comes from a business whom they know and trust. A business with a strong sense of connection, support, and service – and that’s exactly what you should aim for in community marketing.

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Media Advisor

As a freelancer you are only required to market and develop clients and to service your own clients. You or your client will decide where their advertisement will be placed including the date and duration. There is no quota or target imposed as you will work at your own pace. However note that what you will get at the end of the month will depend on your own efforts. You are entitled to 10% of the revenue that you bring in per month. There is no charge or fee to register as a Media Advisor. See table below.

Media Representative

Apart from the normal function of getting clients, the Representative is also responsible for the unit under his care for normal care and security. To become a Representative you will need to make a deposit and pay a management fee to the company and will be given a unit in your area of request or other suitable location depending on availability. This deposit is refundable when the unit is returned to the company in good order. As a Representative you are entitled to 20% of your business volume for your unit per month. Should you choose to place your order at another location, then you are eligible to 10% of that order. A Representative is also entitled to a remuneration if an order is placed at his unit that is not of his own effort. See table below.

Media Dealer

The Dealer functions much the same as both an Advisor and a Representative. However a Dealer is entitled to 30% remuneration from his own clients at his own location. If an order is placed at his location the Dealer is entitled to 10% of that order. Conversely if the Dealer places an order at another location, his remuneration will be 10% of that order. To be a Dealer the applicant will need to pay the Security Deposit and an administration fee. A Dealer is eligible to receive annual bonus from the company when announced by the company. The bonus and amount shall be decided solely at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the company. See table below.


Registration Free Free Free
Location Random Own Own
Deposit N/A Security Deposit Security Deposit
Fee N/A Management Fee Management Fee
Profit – Own Placement 10% 20% 30%
Profit – Out Placement N/A 10% 10%
Profit – In Placement N/A 10% 10%
Annual Bonus N/A N/A Bonus


We strongly suggest you read and understand our Agency terms and conditions here before applying.

"We reserve the right to approve or otherwise any application at our sole discretion"