Frequently Asked Questions

It’s the opportunity to be your own boss. The opportunity to own an advertising agency of your own.

Community advertising is about connecting and engaging with people to build long-term relationships. It’s about getting involved in your community and about conversations and making your customers or potential customers feel recognized, heard, and important. It’s advertising with the power of your community.

Your investment will depend on the level of involvement that you want. Three levels of participation are available with investment from zero to a few thousand ringgit. A must have investment is time and effort.

As with any business, there is no guarantee that you will get back your investment. Invest only what you are prepared to lose. However if you work hard enough, you will get back much more than your initial investment.

The returns are entirely up to you. It’s your business and the more effort you put in the faster and more return you will get.

Further information can be found here.

You will need to find and develop your own clients, find a suitable location for your business or all of the above depending on the level that you wish. Consequently your return will depend on what you do. 

That is up to you. If you can afford and the workload justifies, why not. But we recommend not to employ any staff until you can afford to.

We will normally approve agents or operators within their areas of residence, however this is not a rule. There may be cases where the applicant requests an area outside of his area of residence which will be processed on a case to case basis. You may decline an assigned area if it is not suitable for you.

You can start by filling out the application form here. We will get back to you after our initial assessment. We reserve our absolute discretion whether or not to approve any application.

Locations are limited. Someone else may be thinking the exact same thing right now. Don’t miss out on your location just because someone else applied first.

Act Now To Get You To Where You Are Supposed To Be. You Deserve It.
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