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Malaysia’s first Projection Advertising. We provide glass and LED projectors for shopping malls, complexes, buildings and venues for commercial and private audiences. Available options include floor or wall displays as well as entrance displays. Choose the location and type that suits you best.

We understand you’re always trying to find ways to make your company’s brand stand out from the competition. With so much noise, it’s important to invest in advertising that will improve brand awareness, making your service or product top-of-mind. For both indoor and outdoor advertising, Projected Image is an effective way to prominently display your logo and capture the attention of potential customers.

Projected Image is both versatile and affordable, allowing you to use a variety of surfaces, such as an interior wall, building facade, or large floor space, to project your advertising message.

Affordable and effective advertising means real value for your Ad spend. Your advert every minute, every hour. Bright changing images ensures effective eye-catching reflex and retention. Community Advertising brings your brand direct to your target market. Community Advertising that is truly Immersive Advertising.


Aman Networks provide glass and LED projectors for shopping malls, buildings and factories for their signage needs. With Aman Projectors you save costs with optical signs by doing away with paints and stickers on floors or walls for your signs. Changing your signs will no longer involve scrapping paints or tearing off posters which leaves scratches and marks on surfaces. With light display as your signs you save cost and time while increasing safety and awareness.

Choose from stock signage or customized to your exact environment. Customized signages include safety signs as well as information sign in supermarket, complexes or factories.


The latest trends in weddings and special events is the monogram lighting that projects crisp, clear and detailed imagery to illuminate visual displays on walls, floors, backdrops, and almost any scenic surface through the use of crystal-sharp color filters.

Aman Networks offers various pre-designed patterns to grace your events whether your special occasions or commercial events to suit your decor. We also offer custom designs – from logos to photographs for any special event or occasion where personalization is necessary. Our state of the art high quality laser etched designs will add that special ambience to any wedding or special event and make it more meaningful to you and your guests.

Customized and personalized light projection will add atmosphere and personality to your special event.

Also perfect for Trade Shows Or Conferences. Projected Image Projects Your Ideas And Increase Visibility For All Your Events.


Four out of five purchases are still made in brick and mortar stores. An effective option to attract customers’ attention and make the most of the time that they are on the premises is floor advertising. There are several reasons why this approach to in-store signage works:

  • Attention to signage increased to over 18%, awareness increased by 28%, and conversion increased by 11%.
  • Floor advertising catches shoppers’ eyes. it’s human nature to pay attention to the ground. Looking down may be even more common today – people are constantly looking down while texting, as well as while they are shopping and using their smartphones to search for product information. Floor advertising helps redirect consumers’ attention to the floor and delivers novel and relevant messages.
  • The benefits of floor advertising systems include increased sales and increased customer awareness. Floor advertising in stores can increase sales by 20%.

Floor advertising directly in front of a product range can increase sales in the product category. Dedicated display and floor graphics directly in front of a product range can results is up to 17% increase in brand sales, reduced consumer decision-making time, and increased sales in the product category overall of 1%.


There is a wide variety of ways that floor advertising can be used to boost in-store sales. A floor advertisement used as an “entrance mat” near the door will attract shoppers into the store.

Advertisements can be used to highlight new products, publicize special promotions, or reinforce messages conveyed through other forms of advertising such as print or television.

For retailers that sell small products, floor advertising is also a novel form of product locator which draws attention to items that might otherwise be overlooked on the shelf.

Aman-ad specializes in complete, ready-to-use floor advertising systems. These solutions transform unused floor spaces into promotional opportunities. Not only are our systems easy to use but also eye-catching, clean and tidy. No more paints on the floor or messy stickers. Changing or repositioning these floor graphics does not require wasting man-hours to scrape off paint or scrubbing the floor of left-over adhesives.

With Aman projectors it’s easy to take the first step towards increased sales!


Store floors are a goldmine for advertising. In retail environments, there’s typically a lot of visual signage competing for shoppers’ attention at eye level. The floor, however, is usually overlooked. Floor advertising in this context is unexpected and engaging.

Floor advertising is bold. This type of advertising can be thought of as the equivalent to a billboard, but under shoppers’ feet. Bold colors, text, and images catch consumers’ attention.

With floor advertising, attention to signage increased to over 18%, awareness increased by 28%, and conversion increased by 11%.

Although floor advertising is a proven way to impact consumers at the point of decision, it’s often underused. Retailers that have adopted this marketing approach, however, have been pleased with the results.

In-store floor advertising space directly in front of a product range can increase sales in the category and generate additional advertising revenue.


Advertising across a wall in the front lobby of your building or at a tradeshow or other corporate event is another novel idea. Interior wall projections work best in dimly lit environment. 

Outdoor projection can catch the attention of more people but will only be visible starting at dusk, unless it’s a shady area to project the image. If your company is based in a large, multi-story building, highly visible from a highway or other busy public space, image projection is a great alternative to billboard advertising. With the required approval we can also project in a public square or park, creating an unexpected and highly memorable advertising moment. Whatever you choose as your canvas, outdoor projection is a great opportunity to project your image large-scale.

Projecting across a wall, the floor, or on the side of a building is typically a straightforward endeavor because the surfaces are relatively smooth and flat. Expand your marketing canvas with image projection by adding image projection to your marketing toolbox. 

Projected Image will greatly expand your advertising opportunities. There’s no reason to limit yourself to paid ad space anymore or to a physical sign above your door, use a custom design image and a versatile projector for multiple ongoing marketing campaigns, from onsite workplace branding to offsite brand awareness, at trade shows, conferences, and corporate events.